Chronicles Of A Creative Life – Bags or shoes?

I have always been grateful to have been born post the requirement that ladies wear shoes that match their handbags. It is hard enough to find two matching shoes in the morning let alone a bag as well. That said I’ve always been a bit partial to shoes even if they are usually wellies! So it is a surprise to me that I seem to LOVE making bags.

A few months ago I decided to ditch the capacious bag that I had been using as a handbag as surely I did not need to be carrying so much junk around. In its place I made Merchant and Mills ‘Field Belt’ from a kit I bought at Liberty’s in London! (a whole other story). The Field Belt bag is small and is threaded onto a nice leather belt so can be worn entirely hands free. Sometimes though, I just put the belt over my shoulder and carry the bag in the usual way and still other times I wear it cross body, it is very versatile. The bag is small but easily carries my purse, all five of my fabric shopping bags and my phone. The materials are simple, smart and very good quality and the pattern was clear and accurate so all round my ‘Field Belt’ experience has been a very good one.

It wasn’t long before I began to hanker after making another bag so once again I investigated Merchant and Mills designs. ‘Jack Tar’ appealed at once. As it was the run up to Christmas I decided that I should share the joy and make Jack Tars for Christmas gifts as well as for myself. Again a beautifully presented pattern and excellent design. Before I knew where I was I had made one for my mother and another for Tess. I also ran up a few small but voluminous shopping bags to match the linings of the Jack Tars and slipped them inside. Then I paused and took on the rest of our Christmas preparations.

Now it is the new year and I have started to think about making a bag for myself. I have some very beautiful oilskin, that was made here in the UK, that I used to make a waterproof overskirt to wear on the farm – again another story. There is enough left for a bag and I was going to make another Jack Tar but now I’m not so sure. I am becoming tempted by both M&Ms ‘Costermonger’ and their ‘Right to Roam Rucksack.’ Clearly I shall I have to accept that I am becoming a bag lady after all!

Merchant and Mills ‘Costermonger’
Merchant and Mills ‘RTR Rucksack’

If anyone has made either of these bags, or indeed any other bag, and can recommend it then I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I have made the merchant and mills rug sack in oil skin and lined it with heavy cotton .. Adapted it for me because I didn’t want to buy the leather straps. Made them from the iol skin and it worked lovely . Use it all the time and love it .I’m also obsessed with making bags. Made a fair few .lol

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