Chronicles of a Creative Life – Elderberry and Apple Jelly

By Alice

Autumn is without question my favourite season. As ever, for me, it is all about the colours. Have I ever mentioned that Mr Whistlebare and I got married at the end of October and that my wedding dress was deep red and gold? (Apologies for the terrible photo of a photo!)

Given the above it is not a great surprise that I am almost mystically drawn to elderberries in all their dark red livery, chock a block full of antioxidants and many other goodies. This year berries were gathered, by pony power of course, from local hedgerows and their juice was steam extracted by this fantastic piece of kit.

While the elderberries were steaming I was in the garden raiding this wonderful apple tree. I don’t know the variety but it is prolific every year and fills our freezer with apple goodness.

Once the elderberry juice had been extracted then the apples went into the steamer and very soon we had lashings of both juices.

The juices were mixed in equal amounts and boiled up with unfeasible quantities of sugar until setting point was reached. Now we have a pantry full of delicious elderberry and apple jelly, perfect with cheese or rice pudding or added to hot water for a steaming hot drink that will see off lurking colds.

4 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Creative Life – Elderberry and Apple Jelly

  1. I love your steaming kit – Is it adapted or a bought one?
    I sweat my elderberries in a big old crock in the oven then gently squish the berries with a potato masher then transfer it all to a jelly bag. Then do the same with the apples. The jitchen is filled with the most delicious aromas but your method looks quicker 🙂
    BTW – your wedding picture is stunning
    I also got married in October (hallowe’en) and had a wine red Wedding dress (the gold was on the finger).

    1. Ah a lady after my own heart, bet your wedding was wonderful!
      The steamer was bought and I love it as it is very efficient and still fills the kitchen with yummy aromas ?

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