Chronicles of a Creative Life – learning to sew – The Apron Dress.

by Tess.

Last summer I started an adult learning class entitled Dressmaking for Fun  so that I might finally start sewing the Apron Dress by the Assembly Line, for which I’ve had the pattern far longer than I care to admit… 

Alice made a version of it recently in a light coloured striped linen and it’s very lovely, I chose a dark navy soft denim for mine which I bought in a fabric shop in Harrogate. I found the instructions on the pattern clear and easy to follow, always a bonus when you’re a beginner and really like it when even the most basic steps are explained clearly!

I learnt so many new skills from top stitching to button holes and while it’s certainly by no means perfect I’m really pleased with it.

It took a ridiculously long time to finish because after trying it on I decided I needed to move the buttons at the back of the waist, and it’s quite impossible to do that on your own unless you’re an octopus with eyes in the back of your head! But now it’s done and I already have the next project cut out!

I’ll be brutally honest here, and say that there were times that I questioned the use of the word Fun in the class description, as I wrestled with large pieces of fabric, got frustrated by learning about button holes, and did the wobbliest top stitching you ever did see which took me forever to unpick and do again….. I have however signed up for another term so watch this space for more learning to sew exploits and dubious photo shoots balancing on log piles!

5 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Creative Life – learning to sew – The Apron Dress.

  1. It always happens like you have said going to adult education because we all learn in different ways and so if there are a good few in the class it means it can get so frustrating having to wait your turn for help when I run workshops I only have a few per class so I can give a decent amount of time to you all. Have you thought about holding sewing lessons from your farm you could just have 2 or 3 people at a time so they won’t feel like you did It is so sad when some people go to the classes and come away so disappointed and never try to sew again.

  2. Hi, I’m a beginner at dress making and have been leyeing up this pattern for a long time. having read your post I am going to go for it! Did you adapt the pattern to get a longer length, as all the images I’ve seen have been knee length. It looks wonderful long. Thanks

    1. Hi, I think I did lengthen the pattern, I’m quite tall so I usually do, and I like long skirts. It’s a good beginner pattern, it’s well written and gives a nice finish.Happy sewing.

      1. Thank you. Having seen how lovely your longer skirt looks I’ve ordered the pattern and can’t wait to get sewing

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