Coming Up For Air

Few, coming up for air at last! Since I last blogged we have lambed, kidded, attended two festivals including Edinburgh, began our Workshops in ernest, launched our new pattern range and been to Austria for a week – by train! It has been pretty fraught, very short on sleep and very hard work.

I love the kidding / lambing season. In 2012 we bought our first Angora Goats, thirteen in all. Now, in 2015 actually only two and a half years later, we have ninety, nine zero goats! When kidding begins, that’s it I am committed to the shed certainly all day and most of the night too, helped often and greatly by the five men in my life. I love having such clearly defined priorities and the opportunity to focus entirely on one thing. Now if I can just find some way of managing sleep deprivation I’ll have it all sorted. We have been delighted with this year’s outcomes, 150% kidding with 50% female and 200% lambing with 75% female – excellent! We still have one doe and one ewe stubbornly holding out but all other mummies and off-spring are out enjoying the first flush of spring grass in the sunshine.

Of course this year was even more demanding than usual. Not only did we have more livestock than ever before but we also had Edinburgh Yarn Festival smack bang in the middle of kidding! Does anyone know the physiology of sleep deprivation? For me the main symptoms are memory loss and confusion. If you were kind enough to have visited our stall at Edinburgh and found me rather vague then please accept my apologies now. That aside we had a great time in Edinburgh. We launched our new collection of knitting and crochet patterns including, for the first time, some for men and children. It is always nerve wracking sending new patterns out into the World. Flora and I put so much time, effort and care into each and every one that a negative response would be like the rejection of a new baby. Fortunately, as ever Flora’s patterns were a great hit. We will definitely be returning to Edinburgh next year – hope to see you there.


Since then we have been lucky enough to escape for a holiday. A whole lovely week focusing on our human children rather than our animal or textile ones. We returned to blue skies, sunshine and bright green grass – as always it is good to be home. If you would like to meet the little beasts that have been ruling Whistlebare for the last month then do come and visit our Studio on the farm or, for a more in depth look, book onto one of our workshops. Next weekend we will be attending Wonderwool Wales.

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