New Year, New Blog @ Whistlebare

We have been selling yarn for just over 2 years now and we love it! Mostly because of all the lovely people we get to meet and share our passion with. In that time there have been constant requests to know more about our farm and animals and the whole process of yarn production. I am sorry that I have been so poor at sharing with you all. However, with the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions! I hear you groan and I acknowledge that it is already the 22nd of January and this is the first you have heard from me, but it will not be the last!

Every week I am going to tell you what is going on here at Whistlebare, generally from my perspective but sometimes I thought it might be fun to hear the story from one of the beasties points of view. With that in mind allow me to introduce some of the main characters around the farm:

Blossom is almost 8 years old and the Matriarch of the herd. She has a gentle personality but a will of steel! Just ask any of the others!

Young and fit at only 3 years old Havelock is our girls’ preferred gentleman friend.

One of our founding Wensleydale Ewes, Frolic is definitely a worrier.

Born here at Whistlebare Brutus is fast establishing himself as the dominant male Wensleydale.

As well as all the news from the farm I will be sharing both my and Flora’s latest knitting and crochet projects. Sometimes there will be tips and ideas for projects and skills of your own. Any news about new yarns, colours, patterns, shows etc will also all be heard here first! Be sure to check back regularly and leave lots of comments to let us know what you would like to hear about!

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