Our Very First ‘Workshop @ Whistlebare’

Last week we were very pleased to welcome a select group of ladies to test run our new ‘Workshops @ Whistlebare’. Attendees were chosen with care from our most favoured customers. We knew that these ladies could be relied upon to enjoy themselves and to tell us what went right and what went wrong!

Running our first workshop in February was always a risk and sure enough the weather did its best to thwart us. Two of our number found themselves snowed in and a third had to stay at home to nurse a winter stricken child. The remaining five however, successfully battled the elements to arrive in the sunshine at Whistlebare.

The day began with tea or coffee and cake in the studio. Everyone took the opportunity to choose their skein to knit our Daisy Scarf, as well as to get to know one another. Then, accompanied by lovely Andrew, our intrepid photographer / postie, we headed off into the goat shed. As you can see many more friendships were formed!

As well as meeting the goats we chatted about their husbandry and care and looked at different samples of fleece. From there we moved on to the sheep’s paddock. The sheep too were delighted to have company and charged down the field to meet everyone. This visit was short however, as the weather caught up with us and it started to snow.

Luckily, inside the wood burning stove was burning brightly and all was snug. Time enough to talk about the special qualities of mohair and to watch a short film showing yarn production. Before tucking in to homemade soup with bread from ‘Great Northumberland Bread Co.’ and cheese from ‘Northumberland Cheese Co.’ Rounded off with more homemade cake, of course!

In the afternoon we all settled down to knit. Flora (our pattern designer) was on hand to guide us through the ‘Daisy Scarf’ pattern. By the end of the very cheerful afternoon everyone was well on their way to completing their scarf. A final round of tea and cake set everyone up for their journeys home.

Flora and I very much enjoyed the day and we received lots of very positive feedback from our visitors all asking when the next workshop would be! We are putting together a timetable and we will let you all know! In the meantime keep watching our website, facebook page, intsagram etc to hear all our news.

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