Blueberry Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman.

Blueberry Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman.

Thea says this about her design.

“Blueberry Vodka Lemonade is a lightweight pullover with just a bit of detail – exactly the kind of thing everyone needs, something comfy yet polished, and simple enough to be worn 100 different ways!

Worked top down in the round, it features textured detail at both raglan seams and down the sides of the body. That detail originates out of the collar rib pattern and continues down the yoke. It then resumes under each arm, ending along the split hem edges – two small touches that I love.

I designed the sweater to have a somewhat boxy fit, which will be great for layering in winter and is also comfortable to wear in the summer.

The sleeves might be my favorite part though, worked to the forearm with a generous fit, then shaped down to a sweet little ribbing just below the elbow.

The sweater is incredibly easy to modify, and notes are provided in the pattern at places where you may consider altering things.”



Sample shown worn with 5”/12.75cm of positive ease.

Yarn requirements.
915(1005,1100,1190,1280)(1375,1465,1555,1645)m. 1000(1100,1200,1300,1400)(1500,1600,1700,1800)yds.
Yardage estimates calculated using fingering weight yarn.

to knit sizes 36, 39.25″/ 91.5, 99.75cm choose Small

to knit sizes  – 42.75,45.25,49.25,52.75″ / 108.5,115,125,134 cm choose Medium

to knit sizes  – 56.75,61.25,66″ / 144.25,155.5,167.75cm choose Large

We think our Yeavering Bell 4ply is gorgeous for this design so we’ve set up this page so you can select your yarn.

Pattern is not included, it is available to buy here. 

Please always swatch to check that you meet the gauge of the pattern, and adjust your needles if necessary. 

All photographs © Thea Colman



Our Yeavering Bell 4 Ply Full Skein yarn is currently available in the following colours:

How much yarn will I need?

to fit sizesmall3 skeins
36, 39.25″/ 91.5, 99.75cmmedium4 skeins
42.75,45.25,49.25,52.75 ” / 108.5,115,125,134 cmlarge5 skeins
56.75,61.25,66″ / 144.25,155.5,167.75cm

When you have chosen your size and the colours you like the correct number of skeins will be added to your basket automatically.

pattern not included.

Please always swatch to check that you meet the gauge of the pattern, and adjust your needles if necessary. 

All photographs © Thea Colman

Yeavering Bell 4ply

A soft and gleaming worsted spun yarn from our own Angora Goats and Wensleydale Sheep. Hand dyed on the farm in small batches of 10 skeins.

80% Whistlebare’s own Mohair, 20% Whistlebare’s own Wensleydale


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