Wooden Brooches

We’re thrilled to be able to stock these fine quality, laser engraved and cut brooches of original illustrations by Katie Green.

As our Yeavering Bell yarn is a blend of fibre from our own Wensleydale Sheep and Angora Goats then obviously we had to choose these ones! We love how the lustrous curls of the Wensleydale and the cheeky smiling face of the Angora goats are depicted, and often can’t choose which one to wear!

Please note that each brooch is different, and yours may vary slightly from the brooch pictured. Just like real animals, each one is unique and will have quirks all of it’s own due to the natural wood grain and positioning in the laser cutter.

Brooches are made in the UK from solid Beech wood and packaged in a recycled card box, cushioned with waste fibre.

size 5cm


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