Cheviot Blankets

100% lambswool blankets.

These blankets combine the love of colour and warmth, together with care for the environment. They are woven in a local Scottish Borders Mill, from our own, truly sustainable wool, farmed with care and consideration for the land and the welfare of the flock. The colours of the blankets reflect the landscape around us, which is ever changing with the passing of the seasons.

A blanket can be so many things. Carried out into the hills it can be the destination for a picnic, draped over the arm of a sofa it can be reached for and snuggled into if the evening chills strike, or a scary bit of a film means something comforting is required. A blanket can also, of course, be added to a bed!

  • 100% Lambswool (A blend of Cheviot and Romney Marsh lambswool from the flock grazing the College Valley)
  • Approximately 180cm x 150cm not including fringe
  • Hand wash with care


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