Hazel – Plain knit, 3 colour, short socks

Soft, cosy and super hardwearing all natural socks, gleaming with colour and shine..

Handmade on a circular sock machine these socks are knitted in Whistlebare’s 80% mohair and 20% Wensleydale wool yarn from our own goats and sheep. The yarn is tightly twisted and hand dyed for hard working feet.

Mohair is the wonder fibre for socks. It is soft and silky smooth so hypoallergenic and comfy. The fibres are so smooth that bacteria can’t find anywhere to hide leaving your socks sweet smelling and fresh too. Mohair has the highest rub test of all natural fibres so does not need to be blended with nylon for strength. Nothing is better for keeping cold feet warm and hot feet cool than natural fibres which our socks are 100%.


Extra Small    UK 1 – 4     Europe 32 – 36

Small               UK 4 – 7     Europe 37 – 41

Medium          UK 8 – 10   Europe 41 -45

Large               UK 11 13     Europe 45 – 48

Socks are knitted to order, please allow 7 days for dispatch.


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