Hotel of Bees Shawl by Christina Hadderingh

Hotel of Bees Shawl by Christina Hadderingh is a gorgeous and dramatic crochet shawl inspired by the ‘Hotel of Bees’ from Anthony Doerr’s book ‘All the light we cannot see’.

“A hotel once owned by a wealthy bee enthusiast. We will visit the courtyard to see the big beehive shaped fountain. We will go upstairs to look at the gorgeous fresco’s of child-sized bees and when we get tired of our wanderlust, we bathe in a beautiful hexagonal bathtub.”

To take you through the story, the Hotel of Bees shawl consists of wings, honeycomb, bees and filet crochet (big and small hexagons and flowers).  The pattern includes tips and tricks for each new pattern section, trouble shooting, video, charts for the filet crochet sections, helpful photos, and a list of tutorials, plus a section for section photo’s of how your shawl should look and an FAQ with most common questions about yarn and gauge, etc.

The techniques used are overlay crochet, open crochet work, filet crochet, puff stitches, and picking up stitches along one side. The shawl is crocheted sideways and decreases are made on one side by skipping stitches, this makes for nice little holes along the top of the shawl. These techniques make this shawl an intermediate level project. But it is also a good stepping stone for the more adventurous beginner (not an absolute beginner) who wants to expand their abilities.

Christina writes this about her shawl: “A big pro (in my opinion) with this technique is that you start with the most stitches and gradually decrease. So as you get further in the pattern, the rows will go faster! Now isn’t that awesome :D”

Yarn requirements. 

Hotel of Bees is designed for a DK yarn, we are suggesting using our Yeavering Bell DK

Colour A• 340 m  – 2 skeins of Yeavering Bell DK
Colour B• 310 m  – 2 skeins of Yeavering Bell DK
Colour C• 89 m    – 1 skein   of Yeavering Bell DK

Gauge and hook size

4.5mm and 5mm.  Christina recommends making a gauge square. 16 stitches and 9 rows = 10 cm in double crochet (US)

pattern available on Ravelry here

photos © Christina Hadderingh / ASpoonfulofYarn


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Our Yeavering Bell DK Full Skein yarn is currently available in the following colours:

How much yarn will I need?

5 skeins of Yeavering Bell DK – 2 in colour A, 2 in colour B, 1 in colour C.

When you have chosen the colours you like the correct number of skeins will be added to your basket automatically.

pattern not included. available on Ravelry.

Please always swatch to check that you meet the gauge of the pattern, and adjust your hook size if necessary. 

Made with our Yeavering Bell DK

A soft and gleaming worsted spun yarn from our own Angora Goats and Wensleydale Sheep. Hand dyed on the farm in small batches of 10 skeins.

80% Whistlebare’s own Mohair, 20% Whistlebare’s own Wensleydale


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