Humbleton Hat

Our Humbleton Hats are knitted in at least two colours, creating a wonderful reversible hat. Many of them have stripes on one side and are plain on the other allowing you to choose which you would like depending on your mood. Some of our hats are more random however, so please look at the images carefully when choosing.

Hand cranked on our circular sock machine these hats are knitted from Whistlebare’s own Yeavering Bell Yarn which is 80% mohair and 20% Wensleydale wool from our own goats and sheep. Delicate yet durable mohair is the perfect yarn for hats, super soft, lightweight and positively gleaming with shine these hats will keep you warm whatever the weather. 100% natural yarn.

Size: Adult
Small / Medium 46cm – 58cm, 18 – 23 inches
Medium / Large 56cm – 66cm, 22 – 26 inches



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