Kinfolk by Maddie Harvey

We’re thrilled that Maddie Harvey has designed The Kinfolk Shawl using our very own Cheviot Marsh and Yeavering Bell yarn.


Kinfolk is part knitting adventure, , and partly an invitation to explore nature by collecting little treasures

Walking along a beach or a forest trail, it’s always tempting to collect little treasures from nature. Be it shells, berries, or
pinecones, when you look closely at your cache, you notice that each piece in your collection is similar but different. Each
periwinkle shell might be alike in shape, but there’s variation in pattern, in size, in colour: the shells are akin to one another.
The Kinfolk shawl has been designed in two halves that are akin to each other, and when finished, you’ll find it’s the perfect
thing to wrap around a member of your kinfolk, especially when they’re in need of an extra woolly hug on a chilly autumn


The shawl has been designed to use two full skeins of Cheviot Marsh 4ply, ideally one light (yarn A) and one darker (yarn B).
These two main colours are worked alongside three contrast colours of Yeavering 4ply mini-skeins.
The contrast colours mostly play against yarn B in the shawl, so they should contrast well with B.

We’ve put together some colour combinations to help you choose, but you can of course pick any colours that you wish! The Yeavering Bell colours can be seen in the photo gallery, and the Cheviot Marsh colours are at the bottom of this page.

Colourway 1: Cheviot Marsh in  Heartland and  Moorland Mist, YB mini’s in Dragons’ Breath, Rockpools’ Edge and Broadsword.

Colourway 2: Cheviot Marsh in Glacial Breeze and Anemone, YB mini’s Birdseye Primrose, Sloe Velvet and Bog Orchid.

Colourway 3: Cheviot Marsh in Turning Tide and Natural, YB mini’s in Solitude, Causeway, and Owald’s Peace.

Colourway 4:  Cheviot Marsh in Dawn’s Promised Moorland Mist, YB mini’s in Joyful, Hearth of Gefrin and Solstice.


4.5 mm / US 7 needles circular 80 cm / 32” (circular needles are needed for the number of sts), EITHER an extra 4.5 mm circular needle OR a spare circular needle of a smaller size to place sts on hold between clues, 5.00 mm / US 8 straight needles or DPNs or short circular needle, 2 lockable stitch markers or safety pins, 18 stitch markers or small yarn loops, 50 cm waste yarn and tapestry needle.

Pattern available from Maddie on Ravelry



Our Cheviot Marsh 4 Ply Full Skein yarn is currently available in the following colours:


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