Leather Wallets and Card Holders

Simple, hand made bi-fold wallets in Whistlebare’s own vegetable tanned goat leather. With six card pockets and a large ‘note’ pocket at the back these wallets remain slim enough for your pocket whilst having all the storage required for modern life. Just a slight, text logo on the inside so you know its is the real thing.

Simple, hand made card pockets in Whistlebare’s own vegetable tanned goat leather. With three card pockets and a central ‘note or receipt’ pocket these card holders are all you need to be carrying day to day.

Goat leather is soft but very robust and hardwearing and has a beautiful texture so is perfect for pocket leather goods. All our leather is tanned at ‘Billy Tannery’ in the midlands, please scroll down for more information.

All our leather goods are made by talented local leather smith Roslyn Whiting, again please scroll down for more details.

Luxurious British tanned goatskin

· Finest French linen thread

· Made from 100% leather

· Hand cut, hand-stitched and hand burnished

· Curved pockets to avoid curled edges in your pocket

· Design inspired by the Scottish Borders countryside

from £70.00

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