Meandering Monk

Meandering monk is a special cable sock pattern using our very own Cuthbert’s sock yarn, which is a high twist #nonylon sock blend of 80% Mohair and 20% Wensleydale. The Celtic style cables are representative of St Cuthbert’s journeys around Northumberland, both as he travelled from Melrose Abbey to Lindisfarne, a walk now known as Cuthbert’s Way, and the journey to his final resting site, which took him to Cuthbert’s Cave, and through many parts of Northumberland.

1 skein Cuthbert’s Sock Full

26 stitches + 36 Rows (Stocking Stitch) – 10x10cm / 4″x4″

3mm needles


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The price shown below is for the yarn needed to knit this pattern, the pattern itself is FREE and will be available as a digital download after your order is received.  Download can be made by clicking the link on your confirmation of sale email or by logging in to ‘Whistlebare Flock’ and clicking ‘downloads’.


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Our Cuthbert's Sock Full Skein yarn is currently available in the following colours:

How Much Yarn Will I Need?

This design is knitted from 1 full skein of Cuthbert’s Sock.

When you choose the colour you like one skein will be added to your basket automatically.

Made with our finest Cuthbert's Sock Yarn

80% Whistlebare’s own mohair, 20% Whistlebare’s own Wensleydale NO NYLON

Perfectly spun for socks!


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