Molecule by Audrey Borrego

Molecule was designed for Making Stories issue 5, and the pattern is now available as a single pattern from the designer Audrey Borrego HERE.

I think this would be beautiful knitted in our Yeavering Bell 4ply, which is light and airy like the beautiful design.

Molecule is inspired both by the loose open threads formed by plant cells and DNA representation. It’s helix-shaped cables on the border are a play on transparency, the dropped stitches creating shifting see-through windows. Its slightly asymmetrical, almost triangular shape makes it super easy to wear both around the shoulders and wrapped around the neck! Shaped like an asymmetrical triangle with an I-cord border on its straight edge, Molecule starts at the tip with the border motif. As the increases build up on one side, the checkered motif is incorporated. The increases continue until the end where the stitches are bound off in I-cord, matching the edge’s.

Molecule requires 700m of 4ply –  2 skeins of our Yeavering Bell yarn.

Photography, Hair & Make-up: Melinda Dela Costa.      Model: Charifa Radji

pattern not included.

Please always swatch to check that you meet the gauge of the pattern, and adjust your needles if necessary. 



Our Yeavering Bell 4 Ply Full Skein yarn is currently available in the following colours:

How much yarn will I need?

2 skeins of Yeavering Bell 4ply should be sufficient to knit this design.

When you have chosen the colour you like the correct number of skeins will be added to your basket automatically.

pattern not included.

Available HERE (ravelry link)

Made with our Yeavering Bell 4ply

A soft and gleaming worsted spun yarn from our own Angora Goats and Wensleydale Sheep. Hand dyed on the farm in small batches of 10 skeins.

80% Whistlebare’s own Mohair, 20% Whistlebare’s own Wensleydale



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