Vine Lace Scarf

A snug, soft and pretty scarf that is deceptively easy to knit. This lace pattern is created in just 2 rows!

Simple, sophisticated, relaxing to wear as well as knit, Vine Lace scarf will take you anywhere adding a touch of style and luxury to whatever your day brings.

5mm needles

Finished scarf measures 160cm.


scroll down to choose your colour.


Our Yeavering Bell DK Full Skein yarn is currently available in the following colours:

How Much Yarn Will I Need?

This scarf is knitted from 1 skein Yeavering Bell Double Knit.

When you have chosen  the colour you like one skein will be added to your basket automatically.

Made with our finest Yeavering Bell Double Knit Yarn

A soft and gleaming worsted spun yarn from our own Angora Goats and Wensleydale Sheep. Hand dyed on the farm in small batches of 10 skeins.

80% Whistlebare’s Own Mohair, 20% Whistlebare’s Own Wensleydale


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