Yeavering Bell – 4 Ply (mini skein)

A soft and gleaming worsted spun yarn from our own Angora Goats and Wensleydale Sheep.

80% Whistlebare’s Own Mohair, 20% Whistlebare’s Own Wensleydale

Yeavering Bell is spun from mohair from our herd of angora goats and Wensleydale wool from our own sheep.  Both of these fleeces are long staple and high lustre and they blend together perfectly. The yarn is worsted spun to accentuate the lustrous and luxurious nature of the fibres which dye beautifully. Garments knitted from Yeavering Bell have a beautiful natural drape, and with care will last forever.

Yeavering Bell 4ply is perfect for relaxed summer jerseys such as Bubble Jersey and Marguerite Daisy, and for delicate evening wear such as the Night and Day Shrug. Our most popular pattern the oh so pretty Daisy Scarf is knitted from one skein of Yeavering Bell 4ply.

Hand dyed on the farm in small batches of 10 skeins.

100% British Yarn. 70m / 76 yards around 20g

31 Stitches & 38 Rows
10cm x 10cm or 4″x4″
3mm needles

We can’t guarantee that if you order full skeins and mini skeins of the same colour that we will be able to supply them from the same batch number, although we will always try our best to do so.


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Our Yeavering Bell 4 Ply Mini Skein yarn is currently available in the following colours:

80% Whistlebare's Own Mohair, 20% Whistlebare's Own Wensleydale

On our small family farm in North Northumberland we keep pedigree flocks of Angora Goats, for their fine mohair fleece and Wensleydale Sheep for their high lustre longwool. The fibre in our Yeavering Bell Yarn is 100% grown at Whistlebare where animal welfare and environmental care are our primary concerns.

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