A slip stitch tutorial

Slipping stitches is a fantastic way to create texture and colour contrast in your knitting, whilst only handling one colour yarn at a time on each row. By changing how the stitches are slipped you can create a huge array of different patterns.

To slip a stitch (Sl) you slip yarn purl wise from left to right needle without knitting it. 

The position of the working yarn as you slip the stitch creates a different effect.

WYIF – If the yarn is held in front of the slipped stitch WYIF (with yarn in front) it will create a small horizontal bar on the right side of your work.

WYIF – On knit rows, bring the yarn to the front, slip the stitch as if to purl then take the yarn to the back again and work the next stitch.

WYIF – On purl rows the yarn stays at the front. 

WYIB – If the yarn is held behind the slipped stitch WYIB (with yarn in back) it will create a small horizontal bar on the wrong side of your work, and an elongated stitch on the right side.

WYIB – On knit rows the yarn remains at the back, slip the stitch as if to purl and then work the next stitch.

WYIB – On purl rows bring the yarn to the back, slip the stitch, then bring the yarn to the front again and work the next stitch.

Several of the designs in our Canny Lass collection use a slip stitch design, Fernietickles hat is worked in the the round and uses  both WYIF and WYIB, and Fernietickles mitts and the Room to Breathe jersey are knitted flat and use only WYIF. Over the Hills Hat uses WYIB to create elongated stitches in the round.

Pattern Postcards – How to download your pattern.

If you have bought yarn and a pattern from Whistlebare in the last year, either at a show or at the studio you will have received one of our pattern postcards.

Each one comes with a url directing you to the download page for the pattern you chose, and a unique password.
Use the following instructions if you need any help downloading your pattern.


1. Type the url from your postcard into the browser bar at the top of the screen. (not the search bar).

2. Enter the password from your postcard.

3. Once you reach the pattern download page click add to basket.
4. On the next page click proceed to checkout
5. Enter your address, email address and a phone number as if you were buying something but you won’t be charged.
    Create a password which will allow you to log back into the Whistlebare Flock at any time, to download your pattern again, or enter the chat rooms.
6. At the bottom of the page click place order.
7. Click on the box with your pattern name in –  download will start.
Happy Knitting!
The postcard also includes some hashtags related to your pattern, if you upload your picture to social media do tag them, we follow the hashtags and we’d love to see what you’ve knitted!