Tweedy One Grows Up!

A few seasons ago, by popular demand, we released a couple of children’s jersey patterns. They were immediately loved and followed with requests for matching patterns for Mummy! Never let it be said that we don’t listen to our lovely customers. These last few weeks Flora has been working away to produce an adult version of ‘Tweedy One’. Here is a little of her progress


Together we decided that this jersey should be from Yeavering Bell Aran.

Then we had to choose three colours, this is Chainmail, Pure Soul and Willow the Wisp – hope you like them!


The really big question though was whether to literally scale up Tweedy 1 into adult sizes or whether to ‘grow it up’ a bit as well. We chose the latter and I couldn’t be more delighted with the design Flora has produced.



First the trim was wider and also longer at the back…….


Then some waist shaping was followed by a v neck…….

Graft it all together……..

And WOW!

This pattern will be making its debut at Unravel Farnham in a fortnight’s time. Of course it needs a name……….all suggestions greatly appreciated!

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