While the slave is away…….

Last week we went to ‘Unravel’ at Farnham Maltings and we had a great time! Thank you if you were one of the hundreds of people who kindly visited our stall and were so positive about everything. Flora and I came home on a real high. Unfortunately we were far too busy to be able to take many photos but here is one of set-up and another of some of our yarn to give you an idea!

Going to Unravel meant being away for 4 days leaving D with 4 boys and 4 dogs (Flora’s little ‘Stitch’ included) not to mention all the other 4 legged creatures at Whistlebare. Whilst the 1000 mile trip was exhausting I think Flora and I probably had the easy end of it!

Sorry for the ‘radio silence’ recently but it turns out that in order to make my voice heard I need the assistance of Female Goat Slave and she’s been far too busy dyeing and skeining to pay me any attention! Then she disappears, just like that, no warning, no discussion, first we goats know of it we are being fed by Junior Goat Slave 2. I feel I should complain at such cavalier treatment but we do rather enjoy the Junior Goat Slaves. Best is when all 4 come out together, they often spend so much time baiting each other they don’t notice what we girls are up to at all! Now if we could just work out how to get the lid off the feed bin…..

It turns out that naughty behaviour was not confined to the Angora Goats. This is what I found on my return to the dairy shed:

Introducing Cherry our Pure Toggenburg Yearling, otherwise known as ‘Sneaky Houdini’. Despite the extensions added to her 5 foot pen walls as you can see she is still investigating all escape options. It is hard to be cross though as her primary escape objective is a cuddle!

The other excitement over the weekend was a delivery. We have been waiting many months for this machine and are delighted that it brings us one step closer to being entirely self sufficient in our forage management.

That’s what I like to see, proper progress on the nosh front! Apparently that baler has come from France. Bring on the Autumn, I’m sure to be irresistible to the ladies when I can offer them French cuisine!

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